Friday, August 8, 2008

My experience of being a UiTMT student for approximately one month.

Before I came here, there a lot of story that I heard about this university. But after a month I stay here and being a student of UiTMT, I think it’s really enjoy to study here. Not really pressure although we have a lot of assignments to do. It teach me how to independent without my family, I got very cheerful roommates, classmates and of course my lecturers. So far, I don’t have any problem but lasted two weeks, I got one incident that my phone had gone when I‘m back to university. I couldn’t use a mobile phone for couples of day, I told this incident to my parents and their posted a mobile phone to me, and I got the phone a day after their posted it, and now I can use a mobile phone again. I miss MMS week, although we had very tired that week.
So, I hope I will be find here for 6 semester.



Nur Syazwani said...

It's nice to know that you're now begining to adapt with this new surrounding. Take care ya!

e_han@cromok said...

sayang awak rindu awak....from adil..
kaw jgn nk tduh rai plak yang buat ehh...
ikhlas from adil..luv u..

macha,teh tarik satu..bley..
stenngah gelas? xbley..
npe?? npe kaw xnk jd awek aku??