Friday, August 8, 2008

My experience of being a UiTMT student for approximately one month.

Before I came here, there a lot of story that I heard about this university. But after a month I stay here and being a student of UiTMT, I think it’s really enjoy to study here. Not really pressure although we have a lot of assignments to do. It teach me how to independent without my family, I got very cheerful roommates, classmates and of course my lecturers. So far, I don’t have any problem but lasted two weeks, I got one incident that my phone had gone when I‘m back to university. I couldn’t use a mobile phone for couples of day, I told this incident to my parents and their posted a mobile phone to me, and I got the phone a day after their posted it, and now I can use a mobile phone again. I miss MMS week, although we had very tired that week.
So, I hope I will be find here for 6 semester.